Guitarist JOHN ETHERIDGE and vocalist VIMALA ROWE have just teamed up for an eclectic jazz album that sees release at the end of May. The atmospheric nine tracker is called ‘Out Of The Sky’ and the music is described as “a mélange of jazz, blues, flamenco, African and classical Indian”... that latter unsurprising given Ms Rowe’s training in the art form that is classical Hindustani vocals.

Those gently expressive and quirky vocals enhance Etheridge’s desire to explore new musical ground, a trait that led Pat Metheny to describe him as “one of the best guitarists in the world”. John Etheridge, of course, first came to prominence with fusion pioneers Soft Machine before working extensively with jazz legend Stéphane Grappelli. Since then he’s won a reputation as a fearless player who constantly works to explore the possibilities of his instrument…. hear how far he’s succeeded on ‘Out Of The Sky’ which is released on Dyad Records on May 27th