THE DROP OUT ORCHESTRA are a Swedish dance music duo who say, “we take our cues from original Disco pioneers such as MFSB”. They’ve been around in various guises since 2008 mixing and editing tracks by everyone from TLC and Daft Punk to Rick Astley and The Sex Pistols! Rather varied we’d say.

For their latest offering they’re inviting us to sample some classic, driving, Gospel-tinged,  soulful house via a track called ‘He’s Always There’. The “he” is whoever gives you your spiritual lead and the message is that yes, “he” (what about a “she”?) offers hope and love  and maybe help with the gas and electric bills (No, I just made up  that last bit).

The tune is pacey with a funk-house undertow and a deep bass line but what makes the track so special is  the fierce, impassioned vocal from Mishell Ivon. The tune comes in  its tasty original mix  complete with an unusual harmonica hook and there are mixes from the legendary K-Klass and Dafia label boss Mannix who cranks up the disco quotient!

‘He’s Always There’ (incl K-Klass & Mannix Mixes) will be released on Traxsource promo October 28th / Full release November 4th, 2022, on Dafia Records.