Londoner JONNY DROP is a proper muso about town. DJ-ing, producing and leading his band, The Expansions (he’s the drummer), Mr D is here, there and everywhere. We’re told that he began his music odyssey when he was just aged 10, bashing pots and pans in the kitchen before his older brother offered him some more formal training. Now, fully skilled and with his band, he offers what he calls “psyche jazz funk” while his DJ sets are known for their “heavyweight funk, sweet soul, and Latin rhythms.”

Hear all those flavours (and a whole lot more) on Jonny’s latest long player, ‘The Only Sound’. The 11 tracker is hugely eclectic – track titles like ‘Discussed Disgust’, ‘Moon Food’ and ‘Finsbury Lark’ will tell you that and yes, there’s soul, funk and Latin a-plenty but also broken beats and a definite whiff of Ibizan chill à la Cafe Del Mar.

Helping Mr D craft his unique soundscape are (amongst others) keyboardist Dave Koor and vocalists Sarah Williams White, Shea Soul, Tamar Osborn and Grace Walker. Young Grace fronts the edgy and percussive ‘Flashlight’. Interestingly, she’s the daughter of respected soul scribe Toby Walker who fronts the excellent www.soulwalking.co.uk web site. The lady clearly has pedigree! Other highlights include the semi mystical ‘Think It Over’ (Shea Soul at the mic here) and the sombre, experimental title track.

BBC Radio 6 have already picked up on ‘The Only Sound’ and if you like to listen with adventurous ears you can learn more @ www.jonnydrop.com