ALEXIA COLEY is a new kid on the UK soul block, but habitués of the London soul scene will tell you that she’s been around for a year or two wowing the crowds at places like The Paradise, Mau Mau and even Ronnie Scotts. Alexia’s even released a trio of limited edition vinyl 7″ singles but, signed to Jalapeno Records, she’s now ready to take her career up to the next level.

October sees the release of her debut album – ‘Keep The Faith’ and to herald it Jalapeno have just issued the lead single – a pulsing pop-soul romp called ‘Drive Me Wild’. Old soulies might think that the song’s popping bass line is nicked from the venerable oldie ‘Ride Your Pony’ but apart from that the song’s totally contemporary.

As is the way these days the song comes in plethora of mixes with the “Skeewiff” remix invoking the spirit of Amy Winehouse while tweaks like the “Valique” remix set things in house territory.