Top indie vinyl label IZIPHO SOUL gets into its 2022 stride with a lovely single that pairs two back catalogue tunes from the  archive of JAMES DAY’S J.D’s TIME MACHINE.

The single’s putative A side is a gorgeous mid-tempo, ‘Dream Again’ which features a powerful  vocal from Lisa Bello  while the cut listed as the “B side” is ‘Rain On My Star’ with an equally passionate vocal from Jherimi Harmoni supported by the sweetest of harmonies.  Both tracks are garnished with old school sax breaks from Joe Cunningham adding to an atmosphere redolent of those great old Motown and Philly sounds. We believe that both tracks were recorded back in 2012 and either could have been given the A side accolade.

The single is released on 14th January and is limited to just 300 copies