Germany’s Perfect Toy Records are all set to release another two instalments in their ‘Down And Wired’ series. The idea behind the compilations is to assemble an eclectic mix of “garage-mod—soul-nuggets” that are likely to confound and surprise even the most ardent crate digger!

The featured artists here are all new to me…. The Revival, Take 5+2, The Turks and George Brigman and Split amongst them, but they all offer a spirited music that’s rough and vey ready…. sonic definitions of the garage sound!

Soul collectors might want to take a listen to a version of ‘Harlem Shuffle’ from The Satans while there are also covers of Lee Dorsey’s ‘Get Out Of My Life Woman’ from the Fabulous Impacts and Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’ from 49th Blue Streak. Eclectic is the word, reflected in the odd titling. You see ‘Down And Wired 3&4’ come on one CD or as a double vinyl LP. It’s also available digitally.