Some soul folk have a soft spot for the gentle sounds of MORCHEEBA, so they’ll be delighted to learn that band mainstays, SKYE EDWARDS and ROSS GODFREY will be releasing a collaborative album at the start of September.

Simply titled ‘Skye/Ross’, the long player’s a ten tracker that Ross describes as “what Skye and I do naturally when we make music together, and yet not necessarily a continuation of what we’d been doing on Morcheeba. It therefore felt right to give it a new identity”.

The new collaboration won’t be the first time that the duo has worked outside the band. Skye has four solo albums under her belt while Ross has long worked with trio Little Mountain.

Both insist that the new album doesn’t mean the end of Morcheeba. They say that this is the opportunity to exploit their musical relationship. “Our intentions are really aligned”, Ross says, “and once you have that synchronicity with someone, everything falls into place”.

Agree or disagree when ‘Skye/Ross’ is released on Fly Agaric Records. Cooking Vinyl on September 2nd.