Don’t Walk That Way’ is the latest (and highly recommended) single from German modern soul collective PRIVATPROJEKT (yes, that’s the correct spelling). The musicians are led by MICHEL RECKHARD who plays synthesizers, keyboards, drums, and percussion; he’s also adept at programming and song writing.

Earlier this year PP impressed with their eponymous album which was followed by a sweet single…  ‘Only Heaven Knows’ fronted by Stefanie S, a veteran of Hamburg’s leading gospel choir. Stefanie’s out front on ‘Don’t Walk That Way’ a song, which we’re told “is inspired by a loved one who never comes to rest, who wants to achieve more and more and who is less and less happy.”

The cut’s big attraction, though, is its soulful, danceable vibe… classic, old fashioned modern soul – which is an oxymoron, but I’m sure you know what’s intended. Stefanie S is in fine form, even on the cute monologue; UK muso Nigel Lowis adds some tasteful guitar while the Hammond towards the end is a proper throwback! It’s out now!