Just a few weeks back London soul newbie DECREE (Femi Santiago) turned soul heads with his lovely little ‘Don’t Leave Me’. It had “class” stamped all over it … and so it should; it was the product of the famed Full Intention crew and in ‘Don’t Leave Me’ they captured a great 80s vibe and married it to top contemporary flavours. The clever chaps also turned out a house tweak. With its manic piano, it won loadsa plays!

Full Intention know a good tune when they have one, ‘cos they’ve just produced two new mixes which put ‘Don’t Leave Me’ in a whole new light.

First up is a bouncy, bumpy Soul Asylum mix that’s fine for fuelling feet, but to take the tune to a higher plane go straight to the wonderful Met Life mix.

The Met Life people take the song to the city of Brotherly Love. Their tweak is dripping in all things Philadelphia…. rolling drums, rock steady bass line, sweet strings, catchy hooks, punchy brass and oodles of sophistication.

We’re told that there’s a Full Intention/DeCree album on the way in Spring, but in the meantime do yourself a soul favour and get through Christmas and the year end with the Met Life mix of ‘Don’t Leave Me’. It’s come at the death but it is one of the defining tunes of 2015!