‘It Wasn’t Me’ is the debut single from highly touted British soul artist ALEX PARVENU and it heralds his early 2019 EP, ‘Blue Summer’.

‘It Wasn’t Me’ was written and produced by Alex and his pacey, busy ditty has a strong, humorous storyline. Alex says: “It’s every dad’s worst nightmare when their beloved daughter brings home their boyfriend. In that moment, they forget that they too were once in the same position as ‘the boyfriend’“.

Alex also tells us that he grew up in musical household surrounded by the sounds of Motown and classic soul. Little wonder, then, that ‘It Wasn’t Me’ has a real old school feel. Someone said the cut is “retro-flecked with a contemporary sheen”… couldn’t put it better myself!

ALEX PARVENU ‘It Wasn’t Me’ … out now