DON GRUSIN (younger brother of DAVE) is  now established as a major player on the smooth jazz scene – a status that’s sure to be confirmed with his latest releases, ‘Piano In Venice’. The album was recorded (obvious really) in Venice, California and it’s essentially a solo effort with the pianist using loops and samples as his rhythm section

What’s unusual about the album is that those samples have been taken from all kinds of sources – people speaking, bird song, hand clapping, animal noises – even the sounds of the boardwalk in the resort that has always attracted artistic residents.(Remember DAVID HOCKNEY’S wonderful painting?) DON has lived on Venice Beach for a while and cuts like ‘Ozone’, Speedway’, ‘Oakwood Avenue’ and ‘Venice Boulevard’ are meant to reflect his experiences living there.

DON GRUSIN’S ‘Piano In Venice’ is out now on C.A.R.E. Music