Discerning soul collectors will know all about Italian collective SOUL BASEMENT. The band have been together in various guises since 1997 with, at its core, the mainstay that is musician/ songwriter/ producer FABIO PUGLISI.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed Soul Basement albums like ‘What We Leave Behind’, ‘Oneness’ and ‘The Possibility Of Happiness’ – all were infectious mixes of old school soul vibes, cool jazz flavours, hip-hop, electro, gentle introspection and thoughtful, caring, lyrics.

More recently Fabio mentored jazz outfit Brooklyn Bridge and their collaborative album ‘Here Now’ delighted fans of serious jazz fusion.

Never one to sit on his laurels, Signore Puglisi has just completed another top notch Soul Basement EP, ‘Do No Wrong’. The five tracker is a five star return to the Basement boys’ classic sound – a contemporary and imaginative take on 80s and 90 soul with plenty of added extras. Indeed, one of the tracks is an unashamed homage to 80s soul/dance, ‘T I M E’. The tunes is offered in its original mix – a growling, funky workout and in a bass heavy, “Back To The 80s” mix. Vocalist here is (we think) Alvin Lee Bass.  Lana Gordon is at the mic for the sweet and soulful ‘Trying Hard’ – a top contemporary soul cut by anyone’s standards. But then, the mid-tempo ‘Before You Go’ is another lovely mid-tempo soul groove. That leaves ‘Take Me Back’ – a sophisticated and suave dancer perfect for the more discerning soul arenas.

‘Do No Wrong’ offers five classy, quality soul cuts. It’s a cliché, yes, but it seems that good old Fabio can do no wrong! This recommended EP is out now via Six Nine Records.