The question’s been asked long and oft… “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” Sure you do, even though it was an unbelievable 42 years ago! Of course, we’re talking about EARTH WIND AND FIRE’S remarkable and timeless anthem, ‘September’. A TUNE!

Well, it seems that one of soul’s ultimate dance tracks has been getting plenty of attention on something called Tik Tok. So the people at Columbia/Sony Legacy have taken it upon themselves to have ‘September’ remixed! Sacrilege, I hear you say! But hang on, to do the business they’ve brought in one of the top mixers in the business… a certain ERIC KUPPER who knows, and, more importantly, respects his soul onions.

Philip Bailey recalls: “When I first heard the mastered final mix of ‘September,’ at our private listening party back in the day, I would never have guessed that such a simple catchy song as it is, and was, would become an all time global favorite for generations.” And Mr. Kupper retains all that simplicity to craft a classy, tasteful, danceable and (importantly) respectful remix and what better time than now (September!) to release it…. good to go right now!