‘The Main Hustle’ is the latest long player from Los Angeles-based duo SPELLBOUND. The pair – BOBBY MOON and PAUL “PABLO THOMAS – have been working together for something like 20 years and ‘The Main Hustle’ is their first album since 2015’s ‘Pase La Voz.’

The music on that set and on this new one is described by Spellbound as “a funky brand of tropical dance” and, yes, it is that…and a whole lot more. Tune in to ‘The Main Hustle’ and you’ll hear raw funk (try the opener, ‘Stankey’), Funkadelic-flavoured funk (‘Hold My Own’), the jazz-rock influence of Steely Dan (‘Blues From Camp Fema’), 60s and 70s pop sensitivities (‘You Made Me Better’) and much more. Because of the make up of the band and the background of the guests (amongst them Cuba’s Candi Sosa and Jamaica’s Margaret Young) tropical and Caribbean flavours are never far away. Yep, ‘The Main Hustle’ is a proper musical melting pot that’s both challenging and intriguing.

SPELLBOUND ‘THE MAIN HUSTLE’ is released on Selfish Records on March 5th