The TARDAM Record label is rather unique. You see, it operates between two very different bases – Taranto in Southern Italy and “up North” in Amsterdam. The label, which was founded in 2014,  is run by Italians Goffredo Santovito and Fabrizio Carrieri (Goffredo is a DJ; Fabrizio a musician) and Dutch muso Mikel Van Der Meulen. They came together via their mutual passion for the sounds of retro soul and R&B peddled by a growing number of European musicians. The trio resolved to bring these “new/old” sounds to a wider audience.

Over the last few years Tardam has released nine singles from artists like the Mighty Typhoons, The Spinshots, The Uppertones and the Working Voodoo Club and the vinyl sold out straight away. The music caught the ears of the Acid Jazz execs who were not only delighted in the freshness of the music but respectful of the label bosses’ ethos and dedication for finding music that was “for real”.

Fast forward and Acid Jazz asked the Tardam team to put together a compilation of their best sounds and the subsequent 14 tracker has just won release and we need to say that set, ‘Do It All Night’ is like a breath of fresh air in a scene that often seems  dominated by the formulaic and pedestrian. For sure all the artists on ‘Do It All Night’ take their inspiration from the past but they present these “new/old” sounds with real vigour and enthusiasm. You know, they actually sound like they’re enjoying what they’re doing and that’s infectious!

The album offers a variety of retro flavours. Rosie Stevens & The Dry Riverbed Trio deliver a sort of hybrid of blues, R&R and vintage R&B. The Uppertones deliver their take on ska. Their  ‘Open Your Heart’ is a delight. Working Voodoo Club’s sound is a mix of soul-jazz/R&B. 44 Shakedown take their inspiration from the sound of the Memphis based Sun label while the one track from Italy’s the Skepticals, ‘Diabolik’ is a spoken word piece over an almost ‘Green Onions’ riff. Bonkers!

The soul crowd will find most to enjoy in the music of the Mighty Typhoons. They have four tracks with different vocalists. ‘Waddasei’ is a spin off from Ray Charles’ ‘What’d I Say’ but their standout and the album highlight is a beguiling ‘One More Chance’ featuring vocals from Beaulah Enser . Gentle but soulful, this is a real  delight. It’s a cover of a Margie Joseph classic, of course, but it will make you realize why you got caught up in the crazy world of soul in the first place! Do investigate!

Tardam’s ‘Do It All Night’ is out now and comes recommended! Great cover art work too!