It’s not that often that Northern soul DJs make the BBC  news but this weekend, Midlands based spinner TED MASSEY (above) was in the news – sadly for a dreadful reason. You see Ted was the victim of a callous and cold-hearted burglary!

It seems that last Sunday evening after playing out at a gig the Rose and Crown in Nottingham, his Birmingham home was targeted by thieves who stole records estimated to be worth between £150,000 and £250,000.

Ted says: “I had played an all-nighter on Saturday so was quite tired and went to bed at about quarter past ten. I heard a God-almighty noise, thumping and people shouting and the banging of doors.” Then, he was confronted by two men who demanded he hand over two boxes of records which Ted says because of their rarity would be unsellable on the open market. It seems that some of the discs are original first issue 45s worth between £3,000 and £10,000 each, and are irreplaceable said Mr Massey, who during the day works as a laser machinery salesman. The thieves also made off with a laptop, car keys and cash.

A very unpleasant episode indeed and a salutary warning to those with large, rare record collections!