‘Distant Tomorrows’ is an exciting and intriguing new single from an Atlanta-based collective, BLAKBOT PROJECT.  The ensemble is marshalled by Kenyatta Scott and the idea is , they say, to “create a cross pollenated sound that draws on  many genres from Funk, Jazz, Latin, Rock and  dance music but with a key  focus on stellar musicianship.” That “stellar musicianship” comes via people like Carl “Doc” Boyd (Sax, Flute), Lindsey “Concrete” LaCoda (Drums), BLAKBOT_01 (Bass), Corey Stayton (Lead Guitar), Asha Ahla (Congas), Sule’ Opio (Congas, Djembe) and Randall Vaughn (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Congas, Synths).

And yes,what the team create on ‘Distant Tomorrows’ is an urgent, menacing truly cross genre sound. There’s a soulful house undercurrent, disco flourishes , Afrocentric rhythms, 80’s power chords and a deep dubby bass sound. The icing on the cake, though, come via the spine-tingling, aggressive  vocals of  Carla Prather.

The expansive, inventive  production is down to Daz-I-Kue. The Bugz In The Attic man hails from good ‘ole London but is now an Atlantan/Nashville resident and, it seems he’s now embedded in the Blakbot Project. We believe that ‘Distant Tomorrows’ is the title track for the Blakbot’s upcoming LP!

Blakbot ‘Distant Tomorrows’ (Daz-I-Kue Pur Blakbot Edit) is out now on Intown Studio.