THE SOULNATURALS are UK soul vets. They’ve been around in various forms since 2004 and are still going strong. Right now, they’re putting the finishing touches to a new album, ‘Parlo Discoteca?’ and in time honoured fashion they’re lining up an attention grabbing single for imminent release.

The track is question is an energy-packed, ‘I Found Love In A Discotheque’. You can probably guess the soundscape from the title … and you’d be right! It’s a feel good summer beater with a soulful, classic 70s Disco feel – funky guitars, insistent beats, strident vocals – the lot.

Those vocals by the way are down to CECI MUNETTE – a gospel singer from San Diego. The bvs are down to two more gospel girls – YVONNE PARK and KADESHA CHARLES and between them they deliver in classic soul disco fashion!

There are two mixes of ‘I Found Love In A Discotheque’ (original and “Hotmood”) and they’re released via British Soul Standard on 18th August!