Just last month we were introduced to THE NEW VISIONARIES – a newish multinational music collective made up of Australian musician JOEL SARAKULA and Dutch muso PHIL MARTIN and for their debut single, ‘Summer Rain’, they drafted in UK soul singer HANNAH WILLIAMS.

For the follow up, the band offer something a little different… ‘Desert Disco Nights’ – described by the band’s PR team as “a hypnotic and torrid instrumental desert disco!” In fairness it is hypnotic and there’s an exotic flavour – visions of Bedouins prancing round their camels as the sun sets over the oasis! However, if you’re old enough to remember 60s guitar groups like the dear old Shadows, that’s  the sound, albeit updated  for the 21st century!

If that’s your boat floater, ‘Desert Disco Nights’  is out now via Lovemonk Records