Digging into the archives, ACID JAZZ are lining up a new vinyl long player –  ‘We’ve Got A Funky Beat’,  a logical follow up tothe hugely popular Acid Jazz (Not Jazz)’ release in 2022. Like that one ‘Funky Beat’ has been complied by label head boys, Eddie Piller and Dean Rudland who deliver an 8 track selection of club sounds from the original acid jazz scene in the early ‘90s, where obscure funk, soul and rock records were mixed with new productions that turned up at the Acid Jazz (then- Denmark Street) offices on a near-daily basis.  

Amongst the better known artists are Ballistic Brothers,  X-Press 2 and Afrika Bambaataa who helps  Night Trains deliver their  ‘Russian Roulette’ . Less well known are outfits like The Hightower Set who offer some Latin shadings with ‘Escucha Ma Funk’ and the Apostles who open proceedings with a jazzy ‘Super Strut’. Obscure or well known, all the outings bring tough beats and real funk … rarely has an album been more appropriately titled!

You’ll need to know that the LP comes in a beautiful geometric graphic sleeve, with a printed inner sleeve documenting the original release designs and is released February 16th, though I’m guessing pre-orders are essential!  Learn more @ https://www.acidjazz.co.uk/