UK soul and dance singer, DIANE CHARLEMAGNE died today, Wednesday, 28th October, after a battle with cancer. Diane will be best remembered in the music community for providing the vocals for Goldie on the 1995 hit ‘Inner City Life’.

Born in 1964, she began her pro career with 52nd Street who later morphed into Cool Down Zone. In the 1990s Diane was part of Urban Cookie Collective who enjoyed a couple of UK hits. She then went on to work with Goldie – vocalising his ‘Inner City Life’ before going on to work with Moby on his live shows.

More recently Ms Charlemagne collaborated with High Contrast, a re-formed D Ream and dub step artists Aquasky and Netsky while her most recent work was with S.P.Y. on the album ‘Back To Basics, Chapter 1’