Let’s wind back to 1985…. Remember the wonderful ‘Love So Fine’ from UK soul outfit SA-HA-RA? Sure you do, with a bass line like that how could you ever forget! The iconic tune was written and produced by Peter Hinds, Steve Sinclair and Kevin Ellis. Collectively known as ‘The Producers’, they’d previously worked with bands like Light Of The World and Atmosfear but the hypnotic ‘Love So Fine’ took them to another level.

Right, some good news…. the original producers are about to re-launch the song in four new mixes but whether you go for the ‘After The Dance’ mix, ‘The Afrobeat’ tweak, the ‘Behind The Groove’ confection or indeed the ‘Soulful House’ offering you still get that defining bass line and the haunting vocal.

The new mixes of ‘Love So Fine ‘will be available from October 21st.