Those of a certain vintage will have fond memories of UK vocalist DEE C LEE (Diane Sealy). Ms L  began her music odyssey with Central Line before being swept away to work with Wham and then the Style Council. You probably know she went on to marry Paul Weller in 1987. They divorced 12 years later but Dee continued to make music; though we’ve not heard anything from her for a very long time.

So, it’s good to welcome her back via a new single on Acid Jazz Records. It’s a lovely double A sider –   ‘Don’t Forget About Love’ / ‘Be There In The Morning’. The former is a lithe , Latin affair  with  an uplifting feel. Dee wrote it with  Mike McEvoy and Ernest McKone as an antidote to the hate and negativity of lockdown and the music matches the message. The latter is a cover of a song  originally co-written and recorded by Australian soul singer Renée Geyer and it was suggested to Dee by Acid Jazz head boy Eddie Piller. Busy and bright, it’s perfectly suited to Ms L’s sound and style. Listen up to the lovely ending!

Both songs are good to go now digitally – there’s vinyl on the way too. Label is Acid Jazz.