Malaysian soul singer DASHA LOGAN made huge waves last autumn with her infectious ‘Cleverly’ single. The tune topped all the credible UK soul charts and it was licensed for some top modern soul compilations.

Ms Logan is now building on the success of ‘Cleverly’ with a brand new single…. the equally infectious ‘Leave Your Man’, which, surprise surprise, is already impacting on the modern soul scene.

The tune comes in the usual plethora of mixes but our money’s on the sumptuous SoulTalk mix. The SoulTalkers have concocted a beater that’s bob on the current vibe … though there’s a whiff of ‘Get Down Saturday Night’ to proceedings. The GWP remix is tasty too while the original version has its own charm. The final mix, courtesy of Bayoz Muzik, is a lot more adventurous and meanders just a little too much but dance clubbers will love the loping bass line.

DASHA LOGAN’S LEAVE YOUR MAN is out now on Area Boy Music.