Right at year end we highlighted a new tune from English-born, Australian-raised singer-songwriter DAISY HICKS. Cut in question was a sweet little acoustic thing ‘When I’m Gone’ – not to be confused with the Brenda Holloway Motown classic, by the way. The song was offered in its original version and a Metlife ( Michael Gray/Jon Pearn)  mix. That mix won plenty of plays over the party season – it ticked all the boxes for the sophisticated soul crowd.

Now as a new year unfolds, ‘When I’m Gone’ is back again in a new mix – this time from top Italian mixer/producer ALEX DI CIÒ. Young Alex’s tweak is a little more laid back than the Metlife mix and it has a lovely little jazz undertow – as befits it subtitling…. “jazid mix”. Chunky, chinking guitars and crystalline vibes add to the attraction – nice tune!