Soul anoraks and inveterate sleeve readers will probably  know of STEVE OKONKSI. He’s the classically trained keyboardist with the wonderful Durand Jones and the Indications. Ever a 21st century man, Steve has a side hustle – his jazz trio, OKONSKI. The other members are bassist Michael Isvara “Ish” Montgomery and Indications’ drummer and sometime vocalist Aaron Frazer.

Between 2020 and 2021, the threesome recorded at 122 West Loveland Avenue, home of Colemine Records and the resulting music is all set for release as the album ‘Magnolia’ … released on February 24th. (art work above)

In the meantime Okonski (as the trio is known) have just released the first single – a chilled out, broody, introspective ‘Dark Moon’. It offers considerable meditative appeal as does the rest of the album. Indeed one of the LP’s tracks, ‘Runner Up’ might already be familiar to some. It was used as the basis for Pale Jay’s recent and acclaimed single  ‘By The Lake’ single.

Okonski’s ‘Dark Moon’ is out now via Colemine.

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