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The latest 45 from Andy Bellwood’s boutique label LAST BASTION RECORDS features two blistering tracks from the Daptone vault. They are the vocal and instrumental versions of SHARON JONES and the DAPTONES’ ‘New Shoes’.

Sharon sadly passed in 2016 aged just 60 but she left a formidable music legacy – treasured by real collectors. Many of those collectors consider her  2011 compilation album ‘Soul Time’ as one of her very best and that’s the source of the frantic ‘New Shoes’. Over the years many artists have tried to capture the essence and soulfulness of proper Northern soul – few have succeeded – and, as you probably know, Ms J’s ‘New Shoes’ is one of those rare successes! The vocal version of ‘New Shoes’ is the new Last Bastion’s 45 A side while the B side is the previousy unissued instrumental version. We’ve just used the adjective “blistering” – but that really is the best word to describe both  cuts; they’ll just blow you away!

Now here’s  the thing. The 45  will be released in a strictly limited edition of just 300 – making the 7” instantly collectable. However, the disc will be released in stages! Here’s how it’s  going to work. From September 3rd, it will be available from Detour Records (Last Bastion’s official outlet) to old customers who have already purchased Last Bastion’s last two singles – February’s Dojo Cuts’ disc and Monica Rocha’s June release. (We believe that there are a few copies of both still available). This gambit is Last Bastion’s way of saying thank you to their loyal customers. The 45 will then go on general sale from November 5th… that’s if there any left. The fact that this is the first time that both tracks have been released as a single (one unreleased in any format before, remember) is bound to make ‘New Shoes’ a fast seller. Learn more @ https://detourrecords.co.uk/epages/es785745.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es785745/Categories/Last_Bastion_Records