MAX MARINACCI is an Italian musician, DJ and producer. Based in Rome, Max is known throughout Italy for his Deep House, Soulful/Jazzy and Afro/Latin influenced sounds. His CV includes work with house legends like Laurent Garnier, David Morales and Hector Romero and he cites his heroes as St. Germain, Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, and Incognito

If you’re a house head and are yet to be acquainted with Max’s work, may we point you to his latest offering…. a 12-track album, ‘Jazz Infusion’ released on his own Jazz In Da House label.

The label’s mission statement is to “express the perfect fusion between the rhythm of the dance beat and the subtleness of jazz” and that’s patently apparent throughout ‘Jazz Infusion’ where a track may begin in what we could call traditional house mode before veering off into jazzier areas.

Helping Max deliver is a team of top Italian house heads – amongst them Davide and Franco Marinacci (brothers?), Paolo Pavan, Giancarlo Ciminelli and Walter G who features on the sax-led and Hammond-featuring, ‘It’s A True Feeling’ which sort of sums up that mix of house with jazz that Marinacci strives for.

The more restrained ‘Urban Sketches’ is another album highlight. The vibes here are a real treat. ‘Luz Del Sol’ – as the title implies boasts a Latin feel – more specifically Balearic chill – one of the many varied flavours on offer alongside deeper house and Afrobeats.

MAX MARINACCI; ‘Jazz Infusion’ is out now in Jazz In Da House.