Latest release from the REEL PEOPLE set up is a gorgeous remix of MOTHERS FAVORITE CHILD & SAEEDA WRIGHT’S ‘Dance For Me’.

Music producer and songwriter Paris Toon, founder of Mothers Favorite Child (MFC), has once again teamed up with the ever so soulful vocalist Saeeda Wright (below) for ‘Dance For Me’. You might remember that in Summer, MFC worked with Ms W on a tribute to Prince. Their ‘Purple Funk’ was released on the day that the man would have been 65 (June 7th).

Like that one, this new ‘Dance For Me’ is an irresistible dancer  stuffed with melodic flourishes, tight beats,  catchy riffs and a delightfully soul vocal from Saeeda, who shows why little Mr Nelson welcomed her into his purple world back in the day. All in all, ‘Dance With Me’ is a classic 90s throwback sound – think, maybe, the music of the sadly missed Zhané.

The mix, by the way, comes via Ezel. Ezel hails from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, and he brings a real swagger to the track. If we had a record of the week, this would be it. Recommended!