Distinguished soul spinner RONNIE HEREL is all set to release a new compilation of some of his favourite music… or more specifically his choice of the very best Neo Soul. Hence the collection’s imaginative title … ‘Ronnie Herel presents Neo Soul Sessions Vol. 1’.

The set kicks off in lively fashion with Omar’s sprightly ‘Gave My Heart’ – a crisp, little beater that is, as his fans will know, typically Omar. It’s followed by Etta Bond’s ‘Come Over’ – a sensuous  neo soul meander that sort of sets the tone for much of what’s to follow… lazy grooves and slinky stories. Occasionally the beats raise their heads over the parapet as on the lovely Darien Dean/Avery Sunshine duet ‘Someone Is You’. Amongst the other featured artists are US heroes Foreign Exchange, Phonte, Eric Roberson  and, a blast from the past, DJ Jazzy Jeff while this side of the pond is represented by the aforementioned Omar and Etta  Bond alongside Children of Zeus and Terri Walker whose ‘Lose Twice’ ( with input from Floacist) is a highlight… full of surprise and intrigue like the other 12 cuts.

Ronnie sums it up thus: “There’s a whole world of smokin’ grooves out there that most of the time gets overlooked for radio playlists; the powers-that- be opting for the more manufactured, purpose-built mainstream record. The words, thoughts, production, love and hard work these artists put into their music is clear for you to hear. Hopefully you will make some new discoveries and will continue explore their music beyond this compilation. I hope there will be many more volumes to come, but we need your support and the artists need your support for that to happen, so tell everyone about this, and enjoy!”

Ronnie Herel presents Neo Soul Sessions Vol. 1 is released on bbe Records