Disco refuses to go away and if you’re glitter ball aficionado, you may want to instigate three new releases that are winning some attention on the underground dance circuit.

First up there’s a new version of ‘YMCA’! Yep, something else that refuses to go away. This is credited to “Disco People”. The source is Miami and we’re guessing they’re session players. Thier version is High-NRG and totally camp – as befits the song. The PR people say; “Disco People are on a singular mission to bring back intimacy, freedom of expression, and an unwavering commitment to get back on the dancefloors and shake our collective booty”. Now you know.

With  a similar campness there’s a re-booting of ‘Feel The Need’ from another  collective, this time out of Philadelphia who were raised on Philly soul and disco music – “The Mirror Ball Hustlers”. Thirdly, there’s  the “Disco Ranchers” from Miami who offer a harsher ‘We Got Each Other And It Feels So Good’.

Despite the geographical variety, these tracks are all from the same source and  they’re available now! Prance on!!!