Garlanded American songwriter CYNTHIA WEIL died on Thursday 1st June. She was aged 82 and the sad news was announced by her daughter Dr. Jenn Mann. No other details were given save that Ms Weil died at her Beverly Hills home.

Working mainly with her husband, Barry Mann, Cynthia was a mainstay of the famed Brill Building song writing  “factory” and was responsible for countless hits – notably ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’, ‘On Broadway’ ‘Walking in the Rain’.

Mann and Weil married in 1961 (they’re pictured below) and together they crafted  countless pop and soul hits. The duo even penned a wonderful Beatles pastiche… ‘She’s Sorry’ recorded by Bobby Vee (worth a listen!) and even when the US pop industry seemed  to struggle  with the impact of the so-called “British Invasion”, the duo continued to have success with Cynthia now also collaborating with emerging writers like Michael Masser, David Foster and John Williams. Amongst her post 60s hits were Dolly Parton’s ‘Here You Come Again’,  Peabo Bryson’s ‘If Ever You’re In My Arms Again’, James Ingram’s ‘Just Once’, the Pointer Sisters’ ‘He’s So Shy’ and Lionel Richie’s ‘Running With the Night.’

‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’ however remains Cynthia Weil’s most enduring legacy. The story’s told that when Barry and Cynthia offered  the song to the Righteous Brothers, the singers were not impressed . Bill Medley is reported to have said: ”Sounds good for The Everly Brothers not the Righteous Brothers”. Bobby Hatfield complained there wasn’t much in it for him. He asked producer Phil Spector, “What am I supposed to do while the big guy’s singing?’ . Spector replied “You can go to the bank!” The rest of course is history and the song was played more on radio and television in the 20th century than any other. Hatfield and Medley (and Spector, Mann and Weil) clearly got plenty of bank visits from the song !

Weil and Mann were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1987 and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. Carole King, a close friend, inducted them. Yesterday she posted : “Cynthia’s high professional standard made us all better songwriters. My favourite Cynthia lyric is, “Just a little lovin’ early in the mornin’ beats a cup of coffee for startin’ out the day,‘” “If we’re lucky, we know this is true, but she wrote it — and then she rhymed ‘mornin” with ‘yawnin’’ in the next verse. May the legacy of lyrics by Cynthia Weil continue to speak to and for generations to come.”

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