CYNTHIA ROBINSON trumpeter and vocalist with and founding member of Sly and the family Stone died on Monday 23rd November. She was 69 and had been suffering from cancer.

Born in Sacramento, she found music via her mother’s old jazz and R&B 78s and took it upon herself to learn trumpet. In 1966 she hooked up with Sylvester Stewart in Sly and the Stoners who soon morphed into Sly and the Family Stone. Each band member was “up front” and Cynthia added vocals to many of the group’s hits including ‘Dance To The Music’. More importantly she was the first female trumpeter to win real notoriety with a major act.

When the Family Stone crumbled in 1975 Cynthia went on to work with colleague Larry Graham in Graham Central Station before going on to work with George Clinton and Prince. Since 2006 she’s been an integral part of a reconvened Family Stone.

Cynthia Robinson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1993 alongside the rest of the group. She leaves behind her two daughters, Laura Marie and Sylvyette Phunne.