We don’t know too much about singer-songwriter, WOLFGANG VALBRUN but on the strength of his current single – a big, bold, soulful ‘Cyclone’ we needed to know more.

Our soul sleuths have learned that Wolfgang is a singer-songwriter born and raised in New York. However his musical career took off in Europe and he now resides  in Paris. From there he fronted avant-garde UK soul and jazz band,  ephemerals (no capital letter!) who’ve enjoyed millions of streams – most via their collaboration with French electronic producer Kungs. Their biggest tune was ‘I Feel So Bad’. As a side hustle Mr V  also worked with French funk & soul artist GUTS (yes, upper case, all the way!)

Wolfgang is now striking out on his own  and ‘Cyclone’ is his first solo single. He says:  ’Cyclone’ describes the instability of emotions that emerge when living with a partner. But it can also be applied to the relationships that we have with those around us in a general sense; the cyclone being a metaphor for those truly difficult moments where we are unable to grasp the reasons or reactions of someone we love. It came to me at a time when I was having a hard time with my partner. This is also why there are also good times described in this song, moments that are not to be neglected even when they are tempered by the bad times”.

Deep and meaningful  for sure, but it’s the track’s big sound and soulful vocals that grab the immediate attention. It starts with a short, familiar drum roll (sampled?) before a brass barrage kicks in, heralding the soulful delivery. This ‘Cyclone’ has an authentic retro feel and, covered up and played out in the best soul venues, you’d fool plenty punters if you told ‘em it was a long, lost artefact from a famed, defunct US indie label. That’s its vibe! ‘Cyclone’ is proper gutsy and it’s good to go now via Jalapeno Records and, we’re told, it’s the first part of a three track EP. We look forward to that!

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