Finland’s Timmion Records is well-known on the collector’s soul scene. The label’s been in business for something like 15 tears and it’s run by Sami Kantelinen and Jukka Sarapää  who also record and perform as The Soul Investigators as well as Cold Diamond & Mink. The Investigators are Timmion’s current house band alongside Cold Diamond and Mink who are the song writing/production team behind most of the label’s output.

If you’re not familiar with the Timmion sound, you may want to investigate the label’s current single… a sombre, soulful ‘Creeping Around’ from the duo PRAT AND MOODY. The two Finnish musos who make up the band are Tuomo Prättälä and Markus Nordenstreng and both are “names” on the scene way up North!

P&M’s previous singles, ‘Lost, Lost, Lost’ and ‘Wheels Turning’ created quite a buzz and are now collectable. ‘Creeping Around’ is a deeper tune whose  sonic mood fits perfectly with the tale of infidelity – a kind of ‘Dark End Of The Street’ narrative. Pratt takes vocals; Moody’s  the guitarist with the Cold Diamond & Mink crew offering more support. The label’s PR tell us that the song “is inspired by road trips, love affairs and backroad motel rooms.”

It’s out now, digitally with vinyl due in April when the B side will be the instrumental.