The grandly named KINGZ OF R&B are a new(ish) soul trio … Ty Juan who is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta; singer/songwriter Trusoul from Cleveland; and Seattle singer/songwriter AM. All three were previously solo artists but under the auspices of New Jersey producer Regi Myrix, they’ve come together as the Kingz of R&B and are busy promoting their debut single…. ‘Crazy’ / ‘Sure Bet’.

The former is a rousing modern R&B tune with a heavy beat while the latter is much sweeter with a harmonic feel that might remind you of Boyz II Men. The trio say: “We wanted to record something special that would bring back good feeling to the R&B world. We want to bring back feel good music. We want to put the love back into the music. Even with our break up songs you call tell there was a lot of love in the words.”

You can investigate via your favourite download platform… out now