We don’t seem to get to much music from Canadian indie label, BOOMTANG but what they do put out is quality. They’ve been around for over 30 and soul-wise their greatest “hit” (never really a hit, was it!) was Sean Oliver’s ‘Just You And Me’ back in 1997… still a BIG tune! The label’s Michael Dunston is a huge, underrated talent too.

The label’s latest offering is a very tasty “Head Nod” mix of ‘Count On Me’. The vocal’s down to Canadian singer Charlene Smith (you may remember her 2021 ‘l Learned My Lesson’ – an infectious, foot-tapper and, yes,  a head nodder too!) She’s  the featured here name alongside the Boomtang All Stars and Toronto based duo, Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace, who work as Four80East.

The team’s ‘Count on Me’ is a really good, sophisticated, mid-tempo, gentle, little soul dancer. Recommended!