MISTER COTTON – though not a household name in soul circles despite two albums under his belt- won plenty of plays earlier this year with his catchy, good time dance anthem ‘Get On The Dance Floor’.

Mr C’s now all set to consolidate his new found dance floor fame with two slabs of unashamed retro soul on the Grynd Tyme label.

First up is a footapper called ‘Turn This Party Out’ which is built around the riff from Keni Burke’s ‘Risin’ To The Top’ while the other cut is the equally dance floor friendly ‘Let’s Go Back’ where the sample is Zhane’s ‘Hey Mr DJ’. Using such well-known tunes is a sure-fire way to ensnare the modern soul brigade who like nothing better than to be reminded about those good old days… when tunes were tunes etc……

Both cuts feature a gruff rap from Adlib but I think even the most conservative of the soul crowd will let it be given the good time, old school feel of both cuts!