CORNELL “CC” CARTER has won himself plenty of supporters in the last few years and as they eagerly await his long promised new album, ‘One Love’ (due August 3rd), appetites are being whetted by the gorgeous lead off track, ‘That’s My Baby’. The tune is a collaboration and co-production with Soulpersonna and like the previous album “taster” ‘That Feelin”, there’s more than a whiff of classic soul about it. Strong melody, passionate delivery, tight and tough backing track and layered harmonies will remind you, I’m confident, of a certain Marvin Gaye! Yes, it is that good… little wonder it’s all over soul radio right now.

‘That’s My Baby’ is a fab set up for the long player – for which we’ll bring you a full review very soon. For now, though, go to our interview archive to read more about “CC”.