Back in November, the ever-reliable COOL MILLION team delivered another quality slice of retro soul; the music which, they say “takes soul music back to the future!”. Tune in question was Maybe You’re The One’ which boasted the cool millionaires’ trademark Weekender soul flourishes. Icing on this tasty cake was the  convincing, powerful  vocal from Danish diva, Susanne Ørum

Now in the modern fashion, Maybe You’re The One’ with big voiced Susanne is back with us in a new mix  from Cool Million’s  Rob Hardt. He’s calling it the ‘Working Overtime’ mix and it mines the same retro vein as the original, just maybe a little tighter, a little funkier, a little more disco. Rob says: “grab a good glass of rum  and enjoy a funky night session”. I’ll drink to that!

By the way, Rob and Frank are promising plenty more Cool Million goodies very soon!