CONOR MASON is a singer/songwriter from Derry in N. Ireland and he’s set to release his third album in March. His first two LPs (2007’s ‘Let It Unfold’ and ’09’s ‘When It’s Over’) were home-recorded and distributed over the internet but they did enough to win CONOR a solid reputation throughout the province. The new album is called ‘Standstill’ and though it’s a “bigger” effort it still has a naive, home-grown quality about it.

The music on the 10 tracker has a folksy rock feel to it though there’s a soulful undertow to proceedings. Lyrically, there’s a gentle, almost Celtic mysticism about things… though it’s all a deal lighter and more accessible than the work of, say, VAN MORRISON. Fans of NEIL YOUNG will find lots to like here too – especially the album’s title track.

‘STANDSTILL’ by CONOR MASON is released on 19th March on Armelodie Records… for more information go to