Smooth jazz piano master BRIAN SIMPSON is gearing up to release a new album, ‘Soul Connection’ and whilst we wait we can enjoy the first single – the LP’s title track.

With a title like ‘Soul Connection’ you know that the tune delivers a tight, soulful groove. Brian says that he came up with the title (for the tune and album) because, in making music, his goal is to create a sonic message of love that can hopefully touch the soul.

I guess we’ll leave it up to you to see if your soul is touched by the tune but just to let you know it’s a proper percolating, soul groove with a catchy melody (sans vocals alas) and all locked down by the bass of Alex Al, the drumming of Michael White and the percussive fuel of Ramon Yslas. The track also features mighty sax work from (at least on my digital copy) an anonymous sax – sounds a lot like vintage David Sanborn but it’s not him!

Brian Simpson’s ‘Soul Connection’ single is out now via Shanachie.