Rarely in these hallowed pages do we celebrate the work of the real backroom people… the grafters who work so hard to get the music we love promoted and out there to Joe/Josephine Public! So, not before time we congratulate GARY VAN DEN BUSSCHE on being named “Promotion Person Of The Year” at the 5th annual indie soul awards ceremony organized in the States by Soul Café Radio. Quite an accolade and a great reward for Gary after all the years, blood, sweat and tears he’s put in making some great soul music available to all and sundry.

“Young” Gary, it seems,  was bitten by the music bug at the tender  age of 9 and he got into soul by listening to legends Greg Edwards, Peter Young and Robbie Vincent on something called the wireless! At 17 Mr V D B was running a West End London record store which led to a DJ residency at the swanky Tramp Night Club! Plugging records was the next logical step and Gary can claim credit for breaking things like Phyllis Nelson with ’Move Closer’ and Amii Stewart ‘Knock on Wood’. Solar radio then came knocking and our man hit the airwaves while his live DJing saw him playing out throughout the South East. As the boss of Wizz Records he then focused on promotion  before a change of heart saw him become mine host of a pub in Hever, Kent where he  won a reputation as quite a cordon bleu! Selling the boozer, Gary then developed a chain of eateries  and even found time to train and worked as a hypnotherapist!

But music was always there  and after  coming across Geordie band, Soulutions, he decided to get back to promoting soul music… good thing too! His DSG (Disco Soul Gold) operation is now one of the UK’s premier soul production companies  and it’s been responsible for breaking plenty of soul hits.

Where he  finds the time, we’ll never know but  Gary also fronts  a lunchtime weekday daily radio show on Starpoint Radio between 11:00-13:00 GMT as well as his “Get Down Saturday Night Show” geared to the dancefloor which has just moved to a new time slot of 19:00-2100 GMT .

Well done Gary … you’ve made it … at last! Learn more @