dionneIn collaboration with Music Club and Rhino, we recently ran two competitions with copies of their GEORGE BENSON and DIONNE WARWICK excellent ‘Essential Selection’ albums as prizes.

To win the GEORGE BENSON album, we asked who wrote the guitarist’s break through tune, ‘Breezin”… and the answer, of course, was BOBBY WOMACK.

To win the DIONNE WARWICK album, you needed to say which of her hits featured a lyric that bemoaned the fact that “all the stars that never were, were parking cars and pumping gas”. It was, of course, ‘Do You Know The Way To San Jose’.

The winners of the BENSON album were – ANDREW HAMPTON of Romford, RICHARD SAFFREY of London, J-O NILSSON of Malmo, Sweden, DAVE CHARD of Stevenage and ALAN COSTA of Brighton.

The DIONNE W winners – JUDY ROBERTS of Great Yarmouth, ALAN COSTA of Brighton, DAVE CHARD of Stevenage, KEVIN MURRAY of Wirral and YVES POQUET of Paris.

Congratulations to all the winners… watch out for more competitions soon.