ELECTRO DELUXE are a French funk and soul combo who kicked off their career, as the name suggests, working in the electro field but, thankfully, they now have seen sense and embarked upon a soul odyssey!

Their latest release is called ‘Home’ and it’s a great little 12 track selection of funky, soulful groves. Vocalist, James Copley, has a convincing soul voice and the band (Gael Cadoux, keys; Jeremie Coke, bass; Thomas Faure, sax; and Arnaud Renaville, drums) really cook! Try the meandering ‘The Ring’ or the jaunty ‘Smoke’ to get the real flavour of this LP. Standout though is the country-soul of ‘Comin’ Home’ a great old school throwback with a Southern undertow and a lovely melodic hook… some great Hammond too from Gael Cadoux


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