We first heard of Russian muso ED THE RED (Edward Goltsman) back in the 90s when Wizz records issued his ‘It’s Alright’. In its Love Station mix it was a big, big sound!

More recently Ed impressed us all with ‘Music Is So Wonderful’ featuring a great vocal from Alabama’s Vivian Lee. The tune was reissued this summer and it soon found its way into many a discerning DJs play out boxes.

Ed’s just released another big dance tune …’Wish You Mine’ which features a feisty vocal from Symone Gordon. As is the way with these things the cut comes in a massive 8 different mixes… so something for every taste. We’re liking the “Funky Soul” mix which features one of 2016’s best bass lines…. a proper growler!

However, if you dig your down time there’s even an ambient mix, courtesy of the Pillopaus Project (Italian mixer Federico B.) As ever you pays your money you makes your choice…. a quick internet search will allow you to do just that!