Latest release on Mark Knight’s new FOOLS PARADISE imprint is a sweet and lovely, lithe, little dancer ‘Colors’ (yes the US spelling please) from SEBB JUNIOR.

Monsieur Junior is from France (see what we did there!!!) but now lives in Spain (olé) where’s he’s a revered spinner/producer with a veritable  cornucopia of dance releases to his name on labels like Large Music, Madhouse Records, Nervous Records, Milk & Sugar and good old Quantize Records.

We  have to say that there’s not a lot to his ‘Colors’ – and that’s its big attraction. It’s a simple, insistent groove  with warm bubbling synth melodies flowing over a deep effervescent bassline. Vocally, it’s simply cut-up style vocal hooks but it’s punchy and hypnotic – a real grower that just works! And is that a “Purdy” haircut I espy on the lovely, nostalgic cover?

‘Colors’ will be released on September 8th 2023 on Fool’s Paradise Records.

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