New Jersey’s SED MARSH is an acclaimed session and live concert  drummer. He’s played for plenty of top namse across the soul and gospel spectrum – most notably The Clark Sisters, Donnell Jones, Angie Stone, and the ever-wonderful Patti Labelle.

Now Sed (short for Segdrick, we believe) has decided the time is right to step out from behind the drum kit and flex his own sweet and lovely vocals. He’s working on an EP that’s due very soon and as a taster he’s just released a lovely, light, modern soul floater, ‘Colors’ (The US spelling, please note!).

The track makes no demands. It’s beautifully crafted and silky smooth, marrying an old school feel with contemporary values. It’s a great sound and properly soulful, begging the question why has it taken Mr M so long to ditch the drums and get in front of that mic!

Sed Marsh’s ‘Colors’ is out now, and we eagerly look forward to the EP!