Chelsey Green grew up in Houston Texas where she trained as a classical violinist but now, fronting her “Project” (Ignatius Perry Jr. (piano/keyboards), Kevin Powe, Jr. (bass) and Brian “Spyda” Wheatley (drums)), she crosses genres, mixing her classical background with the soul, jazz and funk her parents listened to at home. Hear her unique approach to music on her new 4 track EP ‘ReEnvisioned’, the follow up to her 2014 album ‘The Green Room’.

‘ReEnvisioned’ begins with ‘Soundcheck’ – almost self-explanatory; an instrumental which allows the band to stretch out behind some classical violin flourishes. ‘It’s Not What It Seems’ is another violin-led instrumental with more of a soul undertow. Chelsey changes tack completely on ‘Time’ – a smouldering soul vocal duet with Kevin Powe. Focus track though is Chesley’s re-imagining of ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. The setting begins in  lounge jazz territory, enhanced by some sweet Chet Baker-flavoured horn from Sean Jones;  after a heartfelt monologue, though, Green and Jones take the track to a properly soulful conclusion.

Chelsey says of ‘ReEnvisioned’ in particular and her music in general; “Classical music has been good to me. I love what it has taught me about harmony. At the same time, I am a Black woman that grew up immersed in and studying gospel, blues, jazz and other Black music genres. This is the music of my culture, borne out of the dichotomy of despair and joy.”

CHELSEY GREEN and THE GREEN PROJECT: ‘ReEnvisioned’ out now