In August UK soul entrepreneur ERROL HENRY relaunched his famous SOUND PRINCIPLE outlet with a great 45 called ‘Heartbreaking’ which featured a great old school vocal from Richard Anthony Davis. The tune had a great 90s feel to it and it quickly won plenty of airplay and spins at the more discerning modern soul emporia.

Lovers of the tune (and there were many) can now enjoy it in a brand new remix… one that Errol’s calling the “Classic” remix and you can hear why. Mr H retains the old school feel of the original and just ups the tempo a tad and smothers it all with some lovely Rhodes flavourings.

The follow up single and a whole album are both in the pipeline but in the meantime you can grab the Classic Remix of ‘Heartbreaking’ on download from October 5th and we’re also told there be a vinyl issue too